About us

Who we are


KEEP Real Estate is a client centered firm whose founding principles are inspired by the definitions of the word KEEP itself. KEEP is derived from Middle English kepen, from Old English cēpan and has evolved over centuries into definitions that are the cornerstone of our values:

keep verb \ˈkēp\

1. to take notice of by appropriate conduct : fulfill: as

a : to be faithful to <KEEP a promise>

At KEEP Real Estate it is our promise to you to fulfill our duty to fervently represent our clients in all aspects of real estate transaction to maximize their investment. It is a promise that we intend to KEEP.

2. preserve, maintain: as

a : to watch over and defend <keep us from harm>

c : to continue to maintain <keep watch> <upkeep>

Our goal is to build lifelong real estate relationships and we do so by ensuring that our clients are protected in real estate transactions. We will use our years of experience and an expansive professional network to defend our client’s interests through any scenario. At KEEP, your interests are our primary focus.

keep noun \ˈkēp\

a : fortress, castle; specifically : the strongest and securest part of a medieval castle

This is the true inspiration that defines our brand. The strength and security that the KEEP provides epitomizes the strength and security that a client should feel with a KEEP representative by their side. Modern colloquialisms frequently define one’s home as their own personal castle or KEEP. Whether it is your home or your investment real estate is an amazing asset in which to build wealth, build a family, and build your dreams. It never ceases to excite us and we couldn’t be more excited to represent you in your endeavors and please let us help you

…. Find your KEEP